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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Down Memory Lane

I guess it started at Thanksgiving dinner. The turkey tryptophan tends to unleash flashbacks of the leaner times of our youth, and we like to spend an hour or two frightening the teenagers with stories of walk up apartments with no doormen, insolvent and secretive roommates, and food budgets that didn't exceed $7 a week, beer included.

We spent the next meandering through the old neighborhood, which looks nothing at all like the old neighborhood of our memories. There are certainly some improvements: we saw two great shows at The New Museum which was pretty much empty due to the holiday weekend and had a nice lunch here. We considered going to the Tenement Museum, but after taking a look at the admission price, we realized we could see the same thing at home for free by knocking on some of the other apartments in our building.

We also had a good laugh in the John Varvatos store which inhabits the old CBGBs. There are a few artifacts from the club left in the store, albeit covered with glass as if to protect it from people who are spending $375 for an acrylic watch cap. They used part of the wobbly bar for the cash register counter and were selling a used copy of my all time favorite record for $35.

Note: the bathroom was clean, and unremarkable.


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