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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Public Service Announcement

I had a lot of conversations today about dating: the problems of dating when you are young and poor and starting out in the world; the problems with dating when you are forty something or sixty something or after a long relationship; both hetero- and homosexual dating. I was quite a lively dater in my youth, but as that was so long ago I had no useful informaton to offer anyone. Until now.

Right away I found a dating service for golfers called, you guessed it, Date a Golfer. Unlike what I've heard about other dating services (mostly from the woman down the hall from me at my office) these folks seem to be posting their own pictures and true biographies. You can also search for folks up to age 100, further proof that either golf is good for you, or that if you keep up with the golfing you will end up alone and lonely.

While I could find no online date-a-knitter resources, I was happy to find scientific proof that 99% of thinking women were were secretly thrilled when, upon opening the Mystery Date door, there was the dud.


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