Knit 2 Par 3

Sunday, October 01, 2006


Since I've had to lay low on the knitting this week, I passed up an opportunity to go to the yarn store in Nyack. I don't think I've mentioned this store before - they have a really interesting selection of small mill yarns including some (almost) affordable cashmere blends. Most importantly, they have wall of Noro and maybe they even carry the whole line. I will find out next time I go.

I've been meaning to get some golf balls and tees since there is the possibility of golf this week, so Em and I went to the big box store. They had a pretty good selection of workaday balls, but even on sale they seemed quite pricey - something like $1.50 per ball for the kind not on sale, and $.80 for the ones I got on sale. Considering I loose at least 3 per game, that's like throwing $5 in the water hazard. Why are they so expensive? I found a typically earnest and hardworking answer from this Consumer Reports article, which as usual gives way too much information and makes you sorry you ever asked.

And speaking of way too much information: while I was comparing and contrasting the packaging for the golf balls I noticed a man in the aisle with me, reading the back of a box of Nike balls and he was wearing this tee shirt:

(it didn't say "click to enlarge" though) and I just wonder: who wears this shirt out of the house? To shop for balls? There is no end to the apparent hilarity of this logo - you can get it on boxer shorts, or golf shirts, or even on a tie.


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