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Sunday, October 15, 2006

It's John's Job to Pick up the Dry Cleaning, not Mine

(Well, a blog is a bully pulpit, I can say what I want.)

Now that I've pretty much figured out I need to put the golf clubs away for the season, I can concentrate on knitting so I treated myself to a trip to the local yarn store - really, the first time I've let myself walk into a yarn store in almost four three months.

Because as you may have figured out, I have little control over the yarn purchases. I just give in and I don't even try to be civilized about it. I think if you sampled , say, ten random blogs about knitting you would find out that no one has control over their fiber compulsions: if you can see it and touch it then you have to knit it and that means buying it.

That means: looking at every skein of yarn. That means: taking five different skeins of red yarn outside to see which one is red enough. That means: paying cash and putting the yarn in your purse so as not to bring home a bag with the name of the yarn store on it. Hmm.


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