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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Olympic? Hopeful.

I've been busy at work this week, and it's cutting down on my knit blog reading time. So somehow I missed the entire knitting Olympics thing on Ravelry. Thank goodness I was able to catch up tonite during the commercials on Project Runway, or I would have missed my chance to sign up for the Fantasty DecKnitathalon. This sport might be better than golf: a competition -although you know, I'm not a terribly competitive person - where you imagine 10 things you would like to knit while presumably laying on the couch watching the Olympic Golfing matches.

But wait! Golf hasn't been played as an Olympic sport since 1904. Why is that? l Curling is, though. We were in London during one winter Olympics and the curling competition was on TV 24/7. Surely, if people will watch a sport as dull as curling they'd be glad to watch golf.

Since most of you aren't on Ravelry, I'm going to post my ten fantasy projects right here. If I get a gold medal, I hope I can get my picture on a Wheaties box.


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