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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Every Day is Sunday

We are in Maine for a few days, and in the coma-like depths of my relaxation, I woke up every morning thinking: today is Sunday. I looked up movie schedules for Sundays and showed up at the wrong times; I miscalculated travel arrangements and confused people with emails referring to things I did on Sunday when it might have actually been Friday.

This being a weekend full of Sundays, I played a round of golf and was joined by Emily, my brother in law and his kids. Emily played really well for someone who thinks golf is the dorkiest activity on Planet Earth. Hopefully her pain was mitigated by looking so very downtown in those Nike rockabilly golf shoes she is wearing.

I played an okay game, got one par and got the ball on the green at least half the time. It's the five putts that kill me. That, and my lack of a sense of humor about people taking or making cell phone calls during play. I mean, do you think Tiger Woods is going to call you with advice on how to play that hole on this charming par 3 course?

Here's a cell phone free photo of our little group getting ready to tee off at the last hole.

Also on one of the Sundays, I got to some serious work on the Icarus Shawl. This is a lot of knitting, aptly named since with the limited knitting I have been able to do lately, I wasn't sure my wax wings wouldn't melt long before the shawl was done. I am modifying it to be an Incarus scarf instead, doing only 3 rounds of the main pattern before embarking on the lace edging on ,which depending on how ambitious I feel, will include a beaded final row.

And of course this being Sunday, I needed to get some chores done, so I thought that watching clothes dry would be the perfect end to a perfect Sunday.


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