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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Words Knitted Down

My very first FOs were mittens. I had (and still have) this great book, Jack Frost Two Needle Mittens for Everyone, which I purchased at Woolworth's in New Brunswick for fifty cents when I was about 18. Everybody can use a pair of mittens, and to knit a good fit you usually have to hold hands at least sometimes with the recipient so you can get an idea of the size you need to knit, so there is pleasure for both the knitter and the knittee there.

I wanted to knit the Poetry Mittens to commemorate an event or an idea. I admire this girl's political knitting but I wanted something more personal, something someone taking her hands out of her pocket could look at, remember and think about.

A couple of months ago Clem and I attended one of her dad's performances and we had a good time. Brendan read something he wrote about constancy and steadfastness and purpose that seemed like a very good thing to knit about on these mittens and so here they are, knitted down words. You can't wear the mittens, but you can hear the words here.


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