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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Vacation from the Vacation

The whole extended family is in Maine again, for a few weeks, playing a lot of golf, eating a lot of sea food, checking out country fairs and getting in some serious knitting in between playing with children on the beach, playing cards and drinking a lot of wine. I had to come back for a few days to do some actual work at my paying job, to pay for all this vacation.

First the golf. We played a couple of times at the par 3 place, and tried out this 9 hole regulation sized place and we walked the course, no cart, and for you non golfers that's about 175 miles of walking. There were so many ravines on this course I actually threw a ball into one just because I knew I was going to loose it anyway when I tried to hit it across. My score? Well, how much do you weigh? That number is pretty close to my score for 9 holes.

We had some altercations with chickens as well during our stay. The first was with this one, who looked at me from between the bars of her cage like Hannibal Lechter looked at Clarisse, at the Blueberry Festival in Union:

I advise you: click on that picture to enlarge it, and you will see the true face of evil. Our other Chicken Incident occurred when Lou Lou nearly had her leg pecked off by a pack of "pet" chickens at the rental house. Why do country people keep chickens as pets? They are food. Do you see city people keeping hot dogs as pets? I rest my case.

One thing I fantasized about finding at the fair was lots of handspun or at least fleece. There was none whatsoever. I did see these charming Alpacas; the one on the left looks an awful lot like my mother's cousin Eunice.

As for the knitting: the repetitive motion of filling up your wine glass really helps the discomfort of repetitive motion injuries. I finished up this nice shrug for Emily, and worked on figuring out this cardigan for myself.


Anonymous Jeanne said...

Sounds like a great vacation!

8/27/2008 06:29:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Denise!!!! Are you home YET????

Hudson County misses you guys...

L, A, & D

8/27/2008 11:15:00 PM  

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