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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Gone Feral

My kid came home today after a long visit with her grandparents. Here she is, playing her favorite game, America's Next Top Model:

She's gone away for long visits before, but this time I just fell into some sort of alternate kidless universe without the structure of Mom-dom to tether me to the real world. This morning, I found myself just standing on the subway platform watching train after train go by thinking about how much I was looking forward to her coming home. Someone I knew came by and saw me just staring into space, and I found myself making up a story about how the passing trains were not going to my stop to explain why I was just standing there, watching another train go by, staring into space.

What happens when a mom goes feral? Well, I found myself thinking that wine and cheese is a perfectly balanced dinner. I only washed the clothes I liked - I actually threw away clothes I didn't want to wash. I put the Swiffer in the closet, and you know I love the Swiffer. I fell asleep wherever and whenever I found myself sleepy and watched way too much TV.

Kids grow up and move away, and I have a pretty good kid and I look forward to her happy adventures in life. But these last few weeks were a little glimpse of the empty nest.

Which apparently is filled with wine bottles and cheese rinds.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Denise.... sounds like "Days of Wine and Roses".... Emily better start training you for your impending future (or get you a liver donor)... :) Jackie

8/14/2008 10:36:00 AM  

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