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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

More about the Blueberry Festival

I mentioned it in one of those last posts, but I have more to say about the Blueberry Festival. It took a lot of driving to get there, and it was the farthest north I've every been in Maine.

Because we can't go more than 2 hours without a giant meal when in Maine, we stopped at this nice place in Bath but unbelievably, we did not stop at Halcyon Yarns down the street. Others on the trip might use different descriptive words besides "unbelievably", such as "miraculously" or "thankfully" but I just wasn't in the yarn buying mode this vacation.

This was a 4-H fair and being a city person I have limited experience with that kind of activity. Many of the youts displaying their animals were hoping to sell them at the end of the fair, presumably to someone who would make food out of them. I guess that's just like spending a whole month knitting something and giving it away, so I could relate. But I hope none of you are eating the knitting.

Some of the 4-H clubs had beautiful displays of produce, jams, knitted mittens and quilts. In this one please note how the string beans are all labeled. This was a real labor of love.

These cows (I think the brand name for them is "Oreo Cows") had more hairdressers and make up artists than the Tresemme Hair and Makeup Salon on Project Runway. They were getting brushed and hosed off and some were getting black spray paint on their butt, I guess to make their butts look better or smaller. I know it works for me!

Well there was a lot more to see and do that day. There was a sad sack band doing ZZ Top covers, that's always a good thing. There were many blueberry things to eat. There was a lot of religion, too, something for every denomination, even the vacuum cleaner worshipers among us.


Blogger Paper Tiger said...

The Belted Galloways! Or, as my family always calls them, the gelded balloways... Love those!

Bath has another really cool place kind of underground & across from the courthouse. Closed weekends, alas.

9/04/2008 02:35:00 AM  

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