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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Vampire Weekend

No, not the musical kind, the small screen kind.

I had planned to use this weekend's blustery weather to hide in the house and "finish up a lot of knitting projects". What I really meant was that I was going to sit around in my pajamas and watch the entire season of True Blood which I TiVo'd over the past few days. Since I only drink wine, I hadn't really heard much about this show at all , but Nancy lent me one of the Charmaine Harris books over Thanksgiving and I really sunk my teeth into the whole story.

I had a hard time knitting while I was watching, because I kept having to push the mute button real quick when I heard neighbor in the hall pause outside my door, listening to all that screaming and heavy breathing from the TV screen. Although I watched quite a few episodes I was surprised to see no one playing golf, or knitting. You'd think if you were going to be around for eternity you would at least cast on the Clapotis scarf, right? You might even have a chance to finish it.

Speaking of, I did finish up a big project and a few small projects and I will post those pictures in the near future, say December 15th.


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