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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Single Life

Don't get me wrong, I love my family. But they went away this weekend, and I've been living the single life to the very fullest.

First of all, I went out to dinner every night. I've never been shy about eating at a restaurant by myself, probably due to my job during the 1980's which required me to travel a lot to places like this. Now I like to stay in my neighborhood, in fact I mostly like to stay on my block, so I was limited to the same three places we always go, but it was fun to go by myself.

I also watched the women's US Open and was sorry to see Lorena Ochoa loose her tie for the lead so late in the game. I did think Se Re Pak's ensemble , designed by her sister, was fabulous; I couldn't carry it off on the course, but I though maybe Nancy could. As a parent, I was sorry to see that Michele Wie couldn't complete the game due to a booboo wrist: if that was my kid, I'd let her finish high school let her play later; she has the same kind of injury that sidelines knitters, forget about golfers.

Here is what else I did during these solitary 56 hours:

  • I got a big stick and stirred up the compost.
  • I organized my closet and put together 15 outfits for work.
  • I sang along to Patti Smith songs, I think she would think I did a good job. Particularly on this song.
  • Also I played this song more than would be welcome. A few months ago I saw Richard Hell on the cross town bus, and I gave him a big wink. I bet it was a thrill for him, getting a big wink from a middle aged woman on the cross town bus.
  • I went to see this movie with Lou Lou.
  • I worked on the Ribbi Tank.
  • I watched this Jerry Lewis I had TIVO'd.


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