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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Spent the weekend in Maine with the folks and our niece, Liz, who is a senior in college and taking a class on the Art of Beholding. Sounds like a fun class: students pick a work of art for the semester, learn about it and then go see it. But really see it: "seize it without touching", Liz said. It seemed to all of us that beholding the things we see all the time would be a good way to spend the weekend.

The picture she picked was Christina's World by Andrew Wyeth. Since we were not too far from Cushing, Maine, the site of the house in the picture, we took a drive up there, and Emily obliged us with a tableau vivant:

I'm pretty sure Christina Olsen wasn't wearing RayBans when Wyeth painted the picture, but you get the idea.

Visiting that house was a real surprise. It's not furnished, but the perspectives from the windows were stunning and elemental and it really made me feel like I was in a timeless Maine.

During the ride up, I made good progress on a sweater in a pattern that I was making up as I went along. Nobody minded when I used the kitchen at the museum for some pictures. It was as if the sweater belonged in that house:

It was truly amazing to behold the grown up Liz. I've known her all her life but this weekend we got a chance to behold the fun, sassy and independent woman she is becoming. Thanks for embiggening our weekend Liz!


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Sounds like a fun weekend!

10/15/2008 08:59:00 PM  

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