Knit 2 Par 3

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Now this is bliss.

I could hardly wait for the factory whistle to blow and signal the end of the work day so I could rush out and buy my very own copy of the Mason-Dixon girls new book.

Now these girls deserve a book. I like them so much I paid full price for this book, which now that I think about it, is about the same cost as the yarn you'd need for a few of the sweaters in the book. Although they are usually pretty keen on cables there were only a few of them lurking around on these pages. Manageable! Their sweater coats are just the things I needed to bring my Ravelry queue up to 300 projects.

If you spring for a copy, or if you just want to borrow mine and spend your skrilla on the yarn, you'll enjoy reading right through page 110. Then you get into the chapter on Knitted Things, and some of these things are worse than cozies: they are dishcloths. If you are keeping a list, these are a few of my most unfavorite things: Knitted cozies. Knitted dishcloths. Westerns.

I remembered that last year, towards the end of my unemployed days and when I was feeling pretty depraved I did knit two dish cloths, probably while I was watching a western. John uses them just about every day so in a funny way, they get more wear than a lot of the things I knit.

There are quite a few housework and home/holiday items, and I think a picture of a dressed up dog, so I'd recommend that you just paper clip that chapter together and not worry your knitty little head about it.


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