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Monday, October 06, 2008

Get the Hook: Unloveable Crochet

Crochet was the topic of the day today: the problems knitters have when Muggles don't know the difference between knitting and crochet; the inexplicable and maybe psychotic dislike of the idea of a treble crochet; the plight of the few, brave artists using crochet as a medium, and worst of all, crocheted dishcloths.

Being a social services professional, I realize there are always two sides to a story. Even such an obvious story like the many, many problems with crochet has two sides. It takes them 9 minutes to tell the story, though, so get a cup of coffee and get your knitting.


Anonymous Sandi said...

I found your post while searching for crocheted dishcloths. Interesting film. I crochet, I never have been able to knit. Maybe I should try again, since it seems the message is, knitters are better....

10/13/2008 03:11:00 PM  

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