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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Take Me Out

We saw amateur golfer Derek Jeter doing his day job last night; I bet over the past few weeks he wished he was playing golf instead of baseball, let me tell you.

Astoundingly, the Yankees won last night. I couldn't help but wish as I went through the full body cavity search security at the stadium that it would be great if I could bring my knitting to the games especially to get over these long stretches of loosing. There is this promotion going on in some stadiums, but the danger at a Yankee game would be that you might poke out your own eyes after A-Rod strikes out.

I enjoy looking at Jeter in his form fitting uniform out there in the field, but last night I only had eyes for this guy sitting in front of me:

This was one aggressive tattoo. I would periodically pretend to be getting something under my seat for the bag full of our favorite exquisite swiss biscuits so I could get real close to it. It was shaded so that it looked like was nailed into his head with little carpet tacks.

As I think about it now, it might have been drawn on his head with a Sharpie but it was very bold.


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