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Sunday, September 16, 2007

If I had only known how much there was to do when you were unemployed, I would have left the Wide World of Work world a long time ago.

Today we played golf and I tried out my new bag. It worked fine, but I plan to make a few modifications, as follows:

  • Learn to play golf
  • Make a large pocket for balls and snacks, using a tee for a button (cute and clever)
  • Make an effort to learn to play golf
Since I didn't have to get up to go to a job, I had plenty of time to recuperate from rock and roll after seeing Patti Smith. I even had time for a little disco nap before leaving for the show. (Please note, these are different from the other naps I've been taking since becoming unemployed. These have a purpose. The show was a great tribute to her late husband, golfer Fred Smith, but it was even better to be:

  • Rocking out in a comfy chair
  • One of dozens of younger-ish women with gray hair in one space
  • still totally in love with Lenny Kay after all these years

This week also included a trip to Modern Yarns in Montclair, and if you haven't been there, well, call me and we'll hop in the Dodge Veg-o-Matic, feel up some yarn and eat at this place.

What made Modern Yarns so good?

  • The selection was really varied. They had a good stock of Rowan, including a boatload of Calmer. They had a little Frog Tree too, and Cherry Hill, and that Regia Sock Yarn in that manly Kaffee Fassett color way.
  • I haven't seen any Habu Textile anywhere in New Jersey, and this place had some lace weight and novelty from them, probably made out of luncheon meat or something.
  • There was quite a good selection of books in the back, and a big table to sit and look at magazines, and a couch for the mens.
The vibe was a lot like the old Handknits in Englewood without the stupendous sale room, which made me lonesome for Beth, so I looked her up and here is her new site at her new store in Vermont. She's having a sale on Manos of all things, I wish I hadn't seen that, I'm unemployed.


Blogger Paper said...

You want some Manos? I might be willing to part with some. My stash is scary.

9/17/2007 02:17:00 AM  

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