Knit 2 Par 3

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Just Us Folks

I gave in to the Knitting Daily blog hype today and bought that new Folk Style book. There are a lot of things in it I would knit and there are instructions for needle felting accents so go ahead, give in and get one yourself.

These girls do quite a few photo shoots in Portland, Maine and this book says the pictures were taken at KnitWits. Now, I visited KnitWits when I was in Maine last year and did not love them so this year, I didn't go back. That's how much I didn't love them.

I did take a walk across the street from them, through Eastern Cemetary, a fine place to digest that fish sandwich from Becky's.

I also visited Portland Fiber Gallery which is down the street. It was a humid day so it was hard to be around so much loose fleece and fiber, kind of like walking into a spider web. And no trip to that neighborhood is complete without a little visit to Ferdinand, which you can visit without even leaving home.


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